4/6/16 - JB President & CEO to Judge World Dairy Innovation Awards

Hi, I’m Steve Gaither. I’m the CEO and founder of JB Chicago, an integrated marketing agency, and a partner at Windy City Food Brands, a company dedicated to helping food + bev brands grow.


Now is a really interesting time to be in the business, seeing trends in the food space and learning more about what today’s consumers want and need. But one thing reigns supreme: Today’s consumer is a conscientious consumer. She cares about what she puts in her body, how animals treated and her carbon footprint, and when she shops for food for herself and her family, it’s with some key considerations in mind – including (but not limited to) the following:


  • Non-GMO
  • Good source of protein
  • Low carb
  • Low sugar
  • Organic
  • Free-from
  • Convenience/grab and go
  • Compostable


I think a great candidate for the World Dairy Innovation Awards will hit on as many of these criteria as possible, in order to cater to the needs of today’s consumers.


At the same time there is a convergence between natural and conventional channels, meaning it’s not uncommon for the Jewel’s and Targets of the world to have a natural/organic section in their stores, and many niche stores now carry some mass products. Basically, the dividing line between grocery stores and natural food stores is growing fuzzy, and it would be in entrants’ best interest to make a thoughtful product that keeps that in mind.


Another trend over the years is that milk consumption is on the decline. In an attempt to combat that, billions of dollars have been spend on education. But education won’t change behavior — innovative product will. And I believe this is the big opportunity for you, the nominees.


I like to think of it in terms of the blue ocean strategy. It’s always best to create your own “blue ocean” of uncontested space, making your competition irrelevant rather than duking it out. Cirque du Soleil is my favorite example, because they challenged convention in the circus space. By removing the animals and the kids and basically everything we thought a circus was, Cirque du Soleil created a new form of entertainment that appeals to an audience willing to spend their money on it.


Some of my favorite recent examples of companies challenging convention include:

  • Method: They revolutionized the cleaning world by simplifying the ingredients and beautifying the packaging, making their product part of an overall experience;
  • Bonfire Wine: These winemakers recognized the only growth in their category has been via boxed wine, because millennials are looking for something fast and portable. Bonfire realized a handle makes transporting wine much easier than lugging around a box, so they created smart, portable packaging for on-the-go millennials.
  • Happy Baby Applesauce:  These moms introduced innovation to the baby food category in the form of convenient, child-friendly aseptic pouches.


Finally, call me vain, but I’m looking for something pretty. I got my start in design and love to see thoughtful, impactful packaging that helps tell the story of the brand – so wow me.


Good luck. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

7/30/15 - We're Looking For a Fall Account Management Intern

JB Chicago is looking for a fall semester account management intern! If you are a junior or senior majoring in advertising, marketing, PR or a related field and would like to get some hands-on experience in an agency setting, send us your resumé to


Internship Details:


  • Non-paid, but we will pay up to $100/mo for transportation.
  • Write and create social posts for the agency as well as assisting with creating posts for client social media accounts
  • Manage JB Chicago’s blog, “The Fizz”
  • Assist with account research
  • Be a part of creative brainstorms and internal meetings
  • Assist with RFP proposals
  • Help to answer the phones and greet office visitors
5/21/15 - Evolve Website Brings Awesome Sauce To Life

Our experiential marketing partner Evolve approached us looking for a fresh new website design. They’re all about experience, so we chose bold colors, animated elements and big visuals to highlight Evolve’s bottom line: making awesome happen.


4/10/15 - New and Improved Aunt Nellie's Website Live

We were approached by Aunt Nellie’s, a company that specializes in fruit and vegetable processing, for a website update and overall refresh. With the goal of quick and easy navigation and ingestion for users, we streamlined their content and showcased their product photography in a beautiful, clean way.


3/9/15 - TripleCare Website Live, Highlighting Benefits of Treating in Place

eSNF, a telemedicine-based company focused on skilled nursing, approached us looking for consistent brand messaging. We developed a brand idea that transformed eSNF into TripleCare to demonstrate that it was not a technology company, but a physician group that brings board-certified physicians directly to patients’ bedsides through technology.  The JB team brought this idea to life through the TripleCare website (with a new .care URL), which emphasizes the excellent care patients receive through treating in place, right in their facility of residence without being shuttled to a hospital, and how TripleCare creates positive outcomes for both patients and facilities.


11/19/14 - JB Chicago wins Gold MarCom Award

JB Chicago awarded the gold in MarCom’s Branding Refresh category


JB Chicago + Bloom = unstoppable! We’re thrilled to share we’ve won another award for our Bloom Senior Living rebrand. This time it’s a MarCom statuette, and folks, we brought home the GOLD.


If you haven’t seen the work yet, click below to see how we turned Bloomfield into Bloom… developing a brand that’s unexpected and fun in the process.




10/24/14 - JB Chicago wins Silver Davey Award

Happy Friday to us — we’ve been awarded a Silver Davey in the Branding category for our work for Bloom Senior Living!


How’d we do it? By developing a plan that  helped them stand out in the homogenous senior living category… and in the process, discovering a larger opportunity that propelled the brand.


But talk is cheap; see the work that won us the award here:




8/4/14 - New nature-inspired Synthesis website live

As a technology company providing solutions to the financial services industry, Synthesis aimed to speak to marketing managers in a way that appealed to their creative side while also highlighting how Synthesis’ services make their lives easier. We developed a brand idea that hinged on how Synthesis streamlines the communication process. To bring this to life, we were inspired by their current logo (which includes a piece of paper) to incorporate elements from nature, illustrated via origami. This approach set Synthesis apart both visually while also establishing an ownable brand idea unlike all the rest.

View Live Site
View Handiwork Page
8/1/14 - Website reveal: Unlimited Tan

When Unlimited Tan, Chicagoland’s premiere tanning destination, wanted to implement a youthful approach to attract new customers, we developed a strategic marketing plan that centered on social media outreach. This included an overhaul of their website, several social campaigns, as well as creating and sketching Summer, the voice of the brand. We also design in-store posters, menus, ads, postcards and billboards that drive current promotions.

View Live Site
View Handiwork Page
7/7/14 - Social sweeps for Tape-Ease helps you DIY without the sigh

Tape-Ease, makers of a multi-purpose tool that allows accurate, one-person measuring, wanted to increase sales and overall brand awareness. To accomplish these goals, we launched a microsite and social networking campaign titled DIY Without the Sigh that drove people to purchase the product and learn more about the product benefits. Using a bright color palette and wood grain to illustrate the crafty nature of the product, we carried through the brand’s helpful yet playful feel to help establish a relationship with Tape-Ease’s target audience.

View Live Site
View Handiwork Page
5/13/14 - JB Chicago Featured in Marketo

Is content creation worth the effort? See what we have to say in Marketo!

12/9/2013 - Steve Gaither quoted in Web Designer Depot

Steve Gaither, JB Chicago president and CEO, was asked by Web Designer Depot which should come first, design or content? Read his thoughts here.

11/11/2013 - JB Chicago hiring an Account Management Intern

JB Chicago is looking for an intern!


We’re an integrated marketing agency that uses big ideas, unique solutions and creative approaches to help companies develop and execute strategic marketing programs. Whether we are conducting B2B outreach, trying to change perceptions, increasing visibility or making a splash, the JB Chicago team works hard to help execute solutions for any need.


If you want to be a part of this amazing team of professionals who love what they do, email us at


-Support our social media campaigns by helping with daily messaging and seeding
-Participate in brainstorming sessions for various marketing campaigns
-Assist design team with imaging, ideation and project management
-Write for our blogs and maintain JB social media
-Help with RFPs and PowerPoint creation
-Aid in administrative duties, such as research for potential clients, answering phones, scheduling, etc.


-Passionate about social media
-A go-getter who wants to be “in the know” of all aspects of marketing
-Organized and able to multitask


-This is a paid internship.
-Hours are flexible.

5/28/2013 - Steve Gaither to Speak on AllTwitter Conference Panel

What is Twitter? Sure, it sounds like a silly question, but how would you answer? Seemingly a simple tool where one sends updates on what they’re currently doing or eating, Twitter has become much more complex since its first tweet via SMS. So what is it? A media or tech company? What is it aiming to be? Where will it stand 5-10 years from now?


Our very own Steve Gaither, President and CEO of JB Chicago, will be answering all of these questions as a panelist at the AllTwitterConference in San Francisco on June 4. Comment below with your thoughts on what Twitter is and if you will be attending this conference! For more information, please click here.

4/10/2013 - Steve Gaither mentioned in Crain’s Chicago Business

Steve Gaither, JB Chicago president and CEO, was quoted in yesterday’s Health Care section of Read Steve’s thoughts regarding Edward Health Services Corp. changing its name after a merger, and how it might affect the company in the future, here.

2/5/2013 - JB Chicago Begins “Fruitful” Relationship with GoodBelly

In November of last year, JB Chicago had the privilege of working on a social networking campaign with GoodBelly, a probiotic juice drink company. The result: unprecedented engagement and ROI –and thus, the foundation for an exciting, new relationship was formed.


To kick off the new year, JB Chicago worked with GoodBelly on a new campaign, appropriately named “Go with Your Gut in 2013.” With a focus on doing the most good for yourself and others, this reflects the type of relationship GoodBelly has had a reputation of maintaining with its customers.


The “Go with Your Gut in 2013” campaign entails a 12-day challenge, through which the audience is encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, users can enter to win $100 gift cards from lululemon and Whole Foods Market — or the grand prize: the Ultimate Resolution package, which includes a Vitamix blender and a personal consultation with a dietitian. Participation is easy, thanks to Facebook Connect. And for every share on Facebook and Twitter, $1 is donated to the Chrohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America.